Welcome to Sitewatch

To Register, Navigate to:


At the bottom of the screen select "Register"

You will be prompted to enter your information. All fields are required. The email address you enter will be used to log into the system and for password resets. One email address per applicant is standard. Password requirements are: 12 characters including Letters: upper case and lower case, 1 number, and a symbol.

After selecting "Register" You may choose to fill out the application immediately, or to log on later.

Drat! I Forgot My Password

Password Reset Instructions


Online Application Instructions

SiteWatch Applications are available through the SiteWatch Online Reporting Program SWORD. A preview of the application form is available here .

You will be asked to sign an Application Agreement and Code of Conduct electronically. If you do not have email or simply prefer, you may print out in its entirety, fill out and sign a paper application, which you can submit through the US Mail. Upon receipt, your application will be entered to the SiteWatch Program by HPD staff. To keep your information secure, SiteWatch will no longer accept electronic copies in any format other than through the website.

SiteWatch monitors use the SWORD as an online reporting database. Your initial log in to the system used for applications is the same one used by all site monitors. You will need one email address per applicant.


Q. Why do I have to Log In just to fill out an application?
A. Unfortunately, bots on the web regularly enter junk information on electronic forms. SiteWatch can?t manage the volume of potential junk applications created by this.

Q. Why won't you accept email applications?
A. SiteWatch needs to distribute your application to chapter coordinators and agency personnel. Sending your personal information through email does not comply with state standards for information security.

Q. We are a married couple; we will be monitoring together. Why do we need separate email accounts?
A. If you need a password reset (which let?s face, it most of us do) the feature will not work with two associated names. SiteWatch also tracks individual volunteer hours through your account. A quick google of ?free email accounts? should provide you with numerous options and support for adding an account that you can live with.

Q. We are a married couple. The application information is redundant, why do we have to fill out individual applications?
A. For the same reason you both individually sign legal documents.

Q. I don?t have email/ a computer. Now what?
A. Computer access is available at libraries and there are numerous providers or free email accounts. The site is also configured for smart phones and tablets. Site Monitoring requires you to complete a report, take photographs and submit time and milage information. Applicants without web address will supported by their local chapter coordinator, who is also a volunteer. They will be responsible for your report into the system and will decide how to proceed.