Why can't I see UTM coordinates on the NMCRIS map service?

If you want dynamic UTM coordinate readouts in the Map Service and do not see them in the lower lefthand corner of your browser, follow these steps to turn on this feature:

For Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE)

1. Go to Internet Options in MSIE.  Click on Tools, Internet Options.  You can click the Tools menu item or the little "cog wheel" icon.

3. Click on Security Tab.  Click Trusted Sites.

4. Drag the security level bar to "Low", and click "Apply".  If you get any warnings saying this setting will compromise your browser security, dismiss them.

5. Click on the "Sites" button (to the lower right of the white pane at the top of the window)

6. Under "Add this website to the zone," make sure https://nmcris.dca.state.nm.us is in that field, and click Add. Make sure that this web address appears under the Websites list below.

7. Click Close.  Click OK.

8. Restart MSIE. Verify that the dynamic coordinate readout shows in the lower lefthand corner after you’ve accessed the GIS.

9.  If you don't see the dynamic readout, make sure your status bar is turned on.  Go to the menu area at the top of the browser, right click, and select Status Bar so that it's checked.  You should see the readout turn on at the lower left of the screen.


For Firefox

Newer versions of Firefox no longer have a status bar built in, so you'll have to install an extension to view the coordinate readout. 

1. Go to Tools, Options.  You can click the Tools menu item or the Firefox item in the upper lefthand corner.

2. Click Content.  Make sure Enable JavaScript is checked.

3. Go to Tools, Add-Ons (or press Control-Shift-A).  The Add-Ons Tab will open.

4. Under Search, search for "Status-4-Evar".  Click "Install" to the right once the extension comes up.

5. Restart Firefox and go to the Add-Ons tab again.  Select Options for Status-4-Evar.  Under the General Tab select "Allow Webpages to Change the Status".  Click OK.

6. Launch the GIS and verify that the dynamic coordinates are showing in the lower lefthand corner of the screen.  If they aren't, relaunch the browser and check again.

Note:  These instructions have not been tested for every possible combination of browser and operating system.  In general, they will work for any of the newer browser versions combined with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.  If you're having trouble with this or using a different browser, the basic idea is to enable JavaScript, set the security settings for https://nmcris.dca.state.nm.us to as low as possible, and make sure the status bar is displayed.